Welcome to the Marigot Bay Hotel, Saint Lucia

Welcome to Saint Lucia

Rising like an emerald tooth from the flat Caribbean Sea, Saint Lucia definitely grabs your attention. Glossed over as some sort of glam honeymoon spot, this mountainous island has much more to offer then just posh digs.

Who says the Caribbean is all about lying on the beach? If that's all you do in Saint Lucia you're missing out. The rainforest-choked interior is made for hiking; a canopy of green covers the island like a haze. Rolling hills grow to form volcanic mountains and reach to the sky. The iconic Pitons rise from the waves to the clouds like pyramids of volcanic stone. This isn't some glammed-up, theme-park holiday spot - Saint Lucia has a pulse. Your senses are bombarded with the sights, smells and sounds of an island that's truly alive. In Northern Saint Lucia, Pigeon Island National Park has a history of hostility, but these days, is known for walks and its small sandy beach. Towns like Castries move and shake to the sound of car horns, the smell of rotis fresh from the oven and reggae blaring on the speaker.

Sure you can find a beach to sit on and a nice hotel right beside it. There is great scuba diving to be found under the waves and the sailing is top notch. But it's much more than that. If you're looking for a Caribbean destination that will let you get under the skin of West Indian life - Saint Lucia is the one.